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100 ideas to get your startup's first 100 users with clear, step-by-step instructions. No inspo porn, no irrelevant stories, just clear advice you can follow.
100 simple ideas for you to try New ideas added every week Watch concise video walkthroughs
Case Study: Veed's $1,000,000 ARR from search
Case Study: Lemlist's 10,000 customers from outbound
Build a tool or micro-site
Set up a referral scheme

Outbound marketing (10 ideas)

Organic search: SEO (5 ideas)

Paid search / search engine marketing (SEM) (4 ideas)

Organic social: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (10 ideas)

Paid social: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit (5 ideas)

Community (10 ideas)

Go where your customers are. Posting and replying in digital communities like Facebook groups and Subreddits, adding value to the conversations and building your authority. When the time is right sharing your product's benefits to drive awareness and sign ups. Alternatively, creating and managing your own community that focuses on the pain your product solves, before selling members on your product.

Referral from other websites, directories and app stores (4 ideas)

PR (3 ideas)

Content Marketing (13)

Offline [IRL] events (2 ideas)

️ Referral schemes (2 ideas)

️ Conversion Rate Optimisation ideas (3 ideas)